Why Did Obama Give a Secret Speech on Sports?

The secret speech was promoted and the media were invited on the condition that they not report what Barack Obama said.

So Barach Obama gave a secret speech. But it wasn’t to a secret society or even a national security think tank. It was about sports. Because Obama is SUCH an expert on sports.

From what has leaked, the speech was about or at least addressed the issue of promoting “diversity” in sports. But the advertised speech for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference was kept secret. The media were invited then told not to share it.


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One possibility is that Obama said things that are extremely Leftist and the Democrats know they must keep those commitments secret in order to win back power.

Monica Showalter writes at the American Thinker, “So what was Obama’s secret speech for the sports conference all about?

President Obama made a speech before the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, and everyone there was told to keep it a secret.


The group is dedicated to affirmative action for women in sports and obviously was so pleased at what he said (having paid good money to be there to hear it) that its members weren’t about to keep what they liked about the speech secret. Being lefties, they worship the man, after all.


If it was the conference that wanted Obama’s speech kept secret, why the pinned tweet at the top of its Twitter feed advertising the event? Why did the company promote the conference so hard? Why did they let reporters in…to not cover it?


Then there is the possibility that Obama wanted the speech kept secret. Here, we are going places.

Was the speech so left-wing in content that it would offend the mainstream and cause controversy? For the Colin Kaepernick crowd inside, obviously not. Outside, among the Reagan Democrats and independents, Obama’s likely leftist content could well cause controversy that could stir the pot during an election year where Democrats are hungry to retake power.

This is more like it. And it underlines once again just how far left the Democrat agenda really is. It’s so far left that they don’t even want to publicize it.

She speculates on some other possibilities, but concludes:

I’m going to go with the first theory: that the Obama speech was so left-wing that Obama didn’t want it to see the light of day. Socialist always operate in secrecy. This would fit the pattern.

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