Why Conservatives Always LOSE

An impassioned reader – who goes by Bluebyrd James – sent this our way. 

I have been posting a lot of comments for ages about the way conservatives and Christians constantly play defense on the 2-yard line. Playing goal line defense is not a winning strategy. Letting the left use the word racist, bigot, intolerant, hate group, or hate-filled, white supremicist with impunity against conservatives is not a winning strategy.

I believe that the real racists are the liberals and leftists. Indeed, I believe that leftism itself is racist, and that black racism is epidemic in the black community and in academia. It isn’t white supremacy that is a threat, but white subjugationism – the subjecting of whites as de facto 2nd class citizens in our legal, and government system.

The same could be said of traditional Christians, being relegated to 2nd class status.

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My frustration is almost all conservative commentators – except some on the alt right – are too “nice” and wimpy, and they don’t know how to fight with words. The left fight like a blue collar street gang with words. Conservatives fight like they are in a country club, tuxedo-wearing, cocktail-drinking debate class.

Everyday I turn on my TV – including FOX – I see liberals make the most outrageous claims, using all the slur words about Trump or conservatives, and the conservative immediately goes on defense about why that isn’t true, or not true ‘of all’ conservatives or Trump supporters. Huh? You have already granted him his presuppositions, and you are playing to lose.

When a lib calls me bigoted, racist, hate-filled, etc., my first response is to throw it right back at him. No, you are the racist. You want different standards, different treatment, different expectations based on skin color – the very core of racism. You are the bigot who hates all who differ from you, who hate traditional Christians, Jews, and traditional families, who mock our Holy Book the Bible, who will not allow diversity of any kind, etc.

When they make statements about whites and generalize or profile whites – e.g. Trump voters – that is racism. If you did that to blacks, they would be all upset.

If a predominant number of whites voting one way is racist in an election here and there, then a far more predominant number of blacks voting in every election is many times more racist.

These are just a few of my thoughts. I want an aggressive conservatism that’s not afraid to call a liberal a hate-filled, homophobic – since they are scared to death of what gays think of their views…and I am not – racist, bigot.

I want people who learn to think in ju jitsu fashion. When he throws a word, most of the time you can throw it right back at him and neutralize him. Why are conservatives, lawyers, legislators, not passing equal protection under the law, legislation, civil rights, constitutional rights, or constitutional amendments (we have enough state legislators, so we could pass amendments now) to protect and guarantee free speech rights in government-financed and subsidized idiotucation – er, education factories…er, schools and universities.

If they will not provide security for a conservative or Christian, then they should not allow any lib to speak.

Conservatives by their nature seem timid, and predictable. We need aggressive outside-the-box innovative thinking and action.


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