Why Capitalism is Now Considered the Culprit

What is hidden within this Presidential contest is a non-violent attempt to take over America’s government.  While recent elections have elevated a candidate’s popularity and gift to gab over proven performance and experience, this latest go around included “socialism” as an alternative choice; which sadly seems most attractive to our youngest voters.

Between public school years and so-called higher learning, the graduating product is now lacking in terms of patriotism and citizenship.  Sadly, this is not a recent development since this “anti” philosophy was popularized during the turbulent “sixties” when the draft and Vietnam came a knocking.

Today, those old time war protestors have passed their torch of rebellion onto their family’s youngest crew, and in turn, these new firebrands have found disfavor for every societal niche and traditional crevice.

With classroom lecturers dispensing disillusionment and jealousy, coupled generously with doses of race/gender inequalities, campuses across the country have finally arrived at their long awaited teaching destination; unleashing the doctrines of socialism onto the fertile minds of our nation’s youth.

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Given the generational identity from the Sanders movement, there can be little doubt that current college and university degrees are embellished with ample doses of this failed dogma.  Today’s college graduate leans more towards socialism than to the American ideals of freedom and individual responsibility.  Capitalism is considered the culprit while the American life style validates our supposedly irresponsible and greedy existence.

While its been bandied about that the Sanders candidacy was a mere Hillary fine tuning tool for sprucing up her candidacy, the actual intrigue and guile runs much deeper.  While feasible and even possibly useful, those old time tenets of campaigning are of a secondary concern.  Today, the hidden is what drives, demands and dominates this political circus.

Consider the reasoning which would welcome a career Independent to the banner of the Democrat party?  While we all tidy about with the previously mentioned competition aspect, the underlining purpose was to place a socialistic candidate inside the main political tent.

Recall that throughout much of the last century, there existed with minimal notice due to its dead end results, a candidate representing the American Communist Party.  In order to attract more attention and support, a larger venue became a no-brainer.  This could only be attained through an association with a major political brand.  Sanders’ tweaking of socialism being “democratic” aided this undertaking.

The shadow of Socialism was briefly alluded to when Sanders, in reaction to the email discovery of the DNC”s pro-Clinton shenanigans, attempted to quell his unruly and disruptive supporters by pleading, “Our credibility as a movement will be damaged.”  He actually posed his plea as a “personal courtesy to me.”  Doesn’t that term “movement” blend perfectly when identifying his campaign as being a “political revolution?”

This one brief statement touched upon the hidden player which traveled through all these barnstorming months.  Yes, Hillary’s debating skill may have been honed but that unknown, that hidden intruder into the American political scene became entrenched with each successive Sanders speech!

That unknown surfaced once again when Sanders’ senior strategist Tad Devine blurted out, “We’ve done what we came to do, which is establish him as a serious candidate.”  Realistically, it wasn’t “him” that needed establishing, as much as it was his foreign ideology.

Sanders’ self proclaimed socialist agenda, in addition to his vehement verbiage detailing his anti-capitalist intentions has left its tale among the young.  And, as Mr. Devine stated, this is “what we came to do.”

So, the candidacy of the Vermont Senator wasn’t so much for the Presidency as it was for building the public acceptance of a socialistic candidate, and due to his dedicated efforts, Socialism has arrived and attained a final acceptance, at least within the younger market.

There is no denying that socialism will now continue to be voiced.  It is also apparent that future efforts will be directed at our youngest voters.  Judging from their overwhelming emotions and enthusiasm, the college campus will become the contested field for thoughtful and thoughless debate.  If this is not met head on, by parents and all in authority, this cancer will become the dominant player within our government.

Contrary to Sanders humble style, what he is selling is a direct threat to everything which we, as Americans hold dear.  His departure from the race was merely a final act to a successful mission.  In reality, while he left the field of political competition, his ideology continues with a more subdued and established comrade.

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