Why are Black Americans Converting to the Pro-Slavery Doctrines of Islam?



“Prophet, We have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty.”  —Koran 33:50


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Black Converts to Islam

Islam has run a robust slave trade for 1400 years.  Yet, the greatest number of converts to Islam in the United States today comes, ironically, from the American Black Community.  It is quite possible that many black Americans have been open to Islam, due to the influence of the Nation of Islam.


The Nation of Islam

The Nation of Islam was founded, circa 1930, by a white silk merchant who went by the name of Wallace D. Fard.  Fard was welcomed into the homes of blacks in Detroit, where he sold his wares and taught lessons about Islam.  In 1938, an article published in the American Journal of Sociology, by sociologist Erdmann Beynon, gave an account of Fard that was taken from interviews among Fard’s followers, who said Fard urged blacks to dress in the style of Arab Muslims and to buy his robes and clothing.  From interviewing 200 black families, Beynon learned that, even though Fard lived in Detroit from July 1930 to June 1934, little was ever really learned about him.  Fard disappeared on June 30th of 1934.  Subsequent leadership of the Nation of Islam has fallen to Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan.


Black Slavery & Islam

It is incongruous that so many blacks have converted to Islam, given the fact that conservative estimates put the number of black Africans enslaved by Islam over the years at no less than 25 million.  The Muslim attacks on African villages for the purpose of taking slaves caused the deaths of at least 120 million black Africans!  And some estimates range twice as high.  Following are some inconvenient truths about Islam’s ties with slavery and the slave trade.  These facts should be repellent to all patriotic Americans, not just black Americans:


One: Muhammad Held Racist Views of Black People

Islamic SlaveryIn Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 89, Hadith 256, Muhammad demonstrates his disparagement of black people by referring to blacks as “raisin heads,” saying, “You should listen to, and obey, your [Muslim] ruler even if he was [once] an Ethiopian [black] slave whose head looks like a raisin.”  (The Arabic word for a black person is “abed”—and the same word is used to denote a slave.)


Two: Muslims Traffic in Slavery

More African slaves were sold by Muslims in the Middle East (estimates range from 14 million up to 28 million) than in the entirety of the West (about 11 million).  And Americans imported, from Muslim slavers, only about 645,000 slaves in toto.  It is also true that slaves taken by Muslims to Middle-Eastern lands suffered a death rate of 80%, due to the privations of being castrated and then force-marched across the desert with little in the way or food or water to their places of bondage; due to the castration of males, only female slaves could have children, and they required Middle-Eastern slaveholders to father them, which is why few descendants of blacks live in the Mid-East today.  African slaves taken to the West died, by comparison, at a rate of only 10%, perhaps due to the fact that Westerners did not approve of castration and saw to it that the slaves were better fed.  Male slaves had children, and their descendants in America make up about an eighth of the population of the United States today.


Three: Muhammad Is Often Misrepresented as Dark-Skinned

Although Islam is often promoted in the black community as a black African religion, it is not.  Islam comes originally from Arabia, a country whose inhabitants at the time of Muhammad were not black; and the progenitor of Islam, Muhammad, was a white man.  Indeed, in Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 3, Hadith 63, narrated by Anas bin Malik, a man “made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: ‘Who amongst you is Muhammad?’  At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us [his companions] leaning on his arm.  We replied, ‘This white man reclining on his arm.’”  Anas bin Malik also reports, in Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 17, Hadith 141, that “[t]he Prophet never raised his hands for any invocation except for that of Istisqa [an extra prayer, beyond the five that are required] and he used to raise them so much that the whiteness of his armpits became visible.”  And, in Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 8, Hadith 367, Abdul Aziz recounts that “Anas said, ‘When Allah’s Apostle invaded Khaibar, we offered the Fajr prayer there yearly [in the morning] when it was still dark.  The Prophet rode and Abu Talha rode too, and I was riding behind Abu Talha.  The Prophet passed through the lane of Khaibar quickly and my knee was touching the thigh of the Prophet.  He uncovered his thigh and I saw the whiteness of the thigh of the Prophet.’”


Four: There Is No Equal Protection for All in Islam

The American Black Community helped to improve America in its heroic struggle for equal rights for everybody.  Dr. Martin Luther King envisioned a colorblind society where, “when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: Free at last, free at last!  Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”  Such an egalitarian vision, based upon the Judeo-Christian Golden Rule, is impossible in Islam, which glorifies slavery over freedom and the Muslim over the Kafir.  Having struggled for, and obtained, a promise of freedom and equal protection under the United States Constitution, black Muslims choose to renounce this in preference to an ideology that glorifies the slave above the freeman.  There are no civil rights under Islamic Sharia Law.  After all, the Sharia, in Reliance of the Traveller, Section m4.2(1), holds that black Muslims, among others, are unsuitable as husbands for Arab women, because of the fact that “Allah has chosen the Arabs above others.”


Standing Up to Islam

Americans of all ethnicities must live out America’s Western value system and actively oppose the Islamic value system prosecuted by the Islamic State, Boko Haram, and other Muslim states.  To do any differently only works to strengthen the culture of slavery and the hand of Islamic depravity in the world.  For Americans—who fought an entire war to abolish involuntary servitude—to support the Islamic doctrine of slavery would be a reprobate act of callousness, totally out of line with traditional American values.

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