Why All Free Americans Should Vote Trump

Guest post by Mohamed Hamada

So, we have to accept our fate. The country has its owners, and they are not letting go. They decide, they rule, and we have to go down on our knees and say, “Under your command, Master.”

This election is between the heartless lords and their subjects. Between the elite-owned Hillary and Free Americans-owned Trump.

“Anything but Trump,” said the elite. “You are allowed to choose between our Democrat or our Republican, but never Trump. Our blue toy or our red toy, but never Trump.”

“Trump is our word in your face,” said The Free Americans. “We know, we are not slave enough, or maybe, we eat too much of your crops. We know that you do not see a difference between an American worker and a Chinese one, except that the Chinese is paid less, and that’s what you like. We know you don’t have any country except your money. Go to China or whatever hole you choose. We just do not have to let your merchandise in. You can take your money and go to wherever.”

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However, you can’t take “The Made in America” with you. It is ours. We have our own American Businessmen who are willing to stay. America’s hearts and minds. Vote Trump if you are a free man.


hamadaMohamed Hamada is a writer, and an Instructor of Physics at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. He was born in Egypt and is self-educated in politics. He started writing about politics among other subjects at a very young age. Now, as a conservative American, he was moved by the current situation in the American political life. His first piece The Trump Revolution is a little more than 6,000 words. It is a short book to be read by anyone, and will touch the hearts of a wide segment of voters.

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