Why Act Shocked that Trump Attacks Fake News?

Trump attacks fake news whenever he can and, after two years, the media still is shocked and outraged by it.

One of the things that should be normal by now is when Donald Trump attacks fake news. He hasn’t even changed his term of choice, “fake news,” in over two years. He doesn’t need to. He still gets the same outraged response from the media as if they have never heard him say it before.

If the media would start ignoring these attacks they would be far more effective in dealing with the President. They would have more credibility. Instead, they act like people who care more about their feelings and status than about journalism.

The Associated Press reports, “Trump attacks CNN, NBC and British paper in news conference.

President Donald Trump found time to attack CNN, NBC and the British tabloid The Sun, and offer fashion advice to a fourth news organization, while talking to reporters Friday with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

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The leaders faced sharp questions at a news conference […]

Frequent Trump foil Jim Acosta of CNN tried to ask a question at one point and was rebuffed by the president.

“CNN is fake news,” Trump said. “I don’t take questions from CNN.

“Let’s go to a real network,” Trump said, pointing to John Roberts of Fox News Channel. Roberts asked if there was any way that relations with Russia would improve as long as the country occupied Crimea.

A day earlier, Trump took a question from CNN’s Jeremy Diamond following the NATO meeting. And as Friday’s session with May was breaking up, Acosta shouted, “Mr. President, will you ask Putin to stay out of U.S. elections?”

Trump turned around and answered yes.

Roberts, a veteran of CBS News and CNN, took some withering criticism […] for not standing up for Acosta in the moment or, perhaps, ceding the microphone to his colleague.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper tweeted that he was “old enough to remember when other networks came to the defense of Fox News WH correspondents during the Obama years. Such did not happen here. Lesson for the kids out there: no one should ever try to do the right thing with the expectation that it will ever be reciprocated.”

Media solidarity has become an issue with White House briefings lately, as some journalists suggest that reporters should band together to prevent press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders from changing the subject to avoid answering questions.

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