Why a Trump Presidency Will be Revolutionary and Long Overdue

Oh, for the wide expanse which freedom offers.  And nowhere is it more evident than with the endless ingenuity from the mantel of respected authority.

Somehow, it is now postulated that the call for our citizens to assign our country with a number one ranking, as Trump’s “America First” so designates, is simply a deceptive approach to yesterday’s dreaded policies of isolationism and even worse.

Recently – and as if this wasn’t sufficient – it now is blended with an anti-Semitic affiliation. All this from Trump’s correct reading of America’s shortsighted economic share from these globalized “free trading” agreements.

In addition, our media is reaching back to short-lived and forgotten events.  Who has ever heard of the America First Committee from 1940?  First off, it was the brainchild of concerned Yale students.  Prominent among those long ago anti-WWII involvement callers were Gerald Ford and future Justice Potter Stewart.  Even JFK donated to the cause.

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Given that this was a time when the German government was highly anti-Semitic – to say the least – it was an easy conclusion that this Yale-based organization contained an anti-Semitic bias.

Today, our supposedly “leave no stone unturned” media brand reports that the Anti-Defamation League took offense with Trump’s “America First” call.  Obviously, the connection is not just flimsy, it’s ludicrous, since the common understanding from those two words supersede their adopted use for a particular belief or cause.  Americans should rightly boast and brag about their country without any fear of recrimination whatsoever.  Sadly, this hints of the recent rage – which was essentially media inspired –  against the Confederate Flag.

This issue is factually baseless given Trump’s embrace of his daughter’s wedding to her Jewish husband, and her own conversion to Judaism.  Also, how much notice has been given to the Trump Foundation’s donations to the same League which is now condemning his slogan?

Concerning America’s trading facts, compare now with then; to a pre-“free”-trading time when America’s output was unmatched and her industries perked endlessly?  Today, the more accurate unemployment figures touch the twenty percent level.  All one has to do is to scan our former industrial centers for understanding why our GDP is nil.

I find it very revealing that following the British vote, Trump is instantly labeled an isolationist.  It is too obvious that what is common on both sides of the Atlantic is now motivating this return to common sense and love of country!  This globalized web is insufferable, nationally intrusive, entangling and lethal.

So, let’s get our cards on the table.  If one catches his recent speeches – of which barely rates media coverage, other than Fox News – his intentions have specified NAFTA’s need for rewriting the specifics and if this fails, he as President would exit America from this agreement.

With a Trump Administration, the EPA’s future gets dimmer, climate concerns will evaporate, as will this educational dead end entitled Common Core.  I could continue, but the landscape of a Trump Presidency will be revolutionary and quite overdue.

With this in mind, what has been bandied about as the “good ole boy network” is realistically facing a dismantling.  Normal back room business deals will cease to exist.  Given this looming possibility, outbursts from both sides of the aisle have now claimed that unreachable pinnacle and much sought after political goal of bipartisanship!

Hopefully, the avalanche of anti-Trump scares can be offset with the public conducting a serious evaluation of all that has affected our country’s economic vitality and independence.

What America is facing, with alarming frequency, is the threats and dangers from allowing unfettered access into our country.  One only has to look at the rise of violence currently taking place, along with the complete disorder of mainland Europe, for understanding that last week’s British vote was only the prelim to what America must address.

Globalism is the brainchild of nameless globalists.  That mindset lacks any allegiance to any nation, let alone America.  To date, since the rise of regional trading areas, we have watched our economic strength wither on our economic vine.  Sad to say, the only lesson worth learning is that far too many of our so-called public servants promise one thing, yet ultimately join in with this global consortium.

In reality, America is slated for dismantling as we know her.  However, we are fortunate – despite one’s hesitancy – that Trump has been inside “the belly of the beast’ and therefore recognizes clearly the intent and the necessary stages required to both appease our citizenry while continuing to construct this international treachery.

If America represents little, then Hillary will be the winner.  However, if the reverse is true, if in fact America equates with freedom and opportunity, then our course is obvious.  For once, there are no “what ifs” or “maybes.”  It’s either we survive as a free and independent nation or we become a “member state” within this global quagmire.  And yes, it’s whether “America First” is still in our hearts and worthy of preserving.

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