Why a Trial of Muslim Jihadists in a US Court Spells Death for Americans

“As long as the enemy exists, jihad will exist too.”  —Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, Tehran, April 25, 2014


Closing Gitmo

President Barack Obama, on Friday, December 18, 2015, said he planned to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in order to bring the jihadists being detained there to America to stand trial.

“Guantanamo continues to be one of the key magnets for jihadi recruitment,” Obama claimed, in spite of the fact that the jihad has continued for 1400 years, no matter what the West has chosen to do or not to do.


Muhammad’s Example Encourages Jihad, Not Gitmo

Serious students of Islam understand that, with or without Gitmo, the jihad will continue, unabated, until the last Kafir (non-Muslim) standing submits or is brutally killed, for Koran 9:5 says to “kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush.”  It does not provide for behavioral or circumstantial triggers to the onslaught.  The jihad is non-stop.


Sharing Classified Information with Terrorists

Obama GitmoIn fact, not only will the closure of Gitmo fail to slow jihadist efforts, but putting terrorists on trial in US courts will actually serve to help the jihad.  Extending American Constitutional rights to jihadists in a trial situation is more than just a bad move—but a potentially deadly one.  The truth is that jihadist lawyers, likely under the auspices of the Muslim-Brotherhood-connected Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), will be given the right to access top-secret government files regarding America’s fight against terrorism.  This is a part of the legal process known as discovery, where the counsel for the defense is allowed to see all relevant evidence to be used against the defendant—even if it is classified top-secret!

This information will surely be shared by CAIR’s defense team with Hamas, as well as other branches of the Muslim Brotherhood.  And who knows how many jihadist hands the information might ultimately pass through?  Getting terrorists acquitted is not nearly as important to the jihad as the gaining of access to top-secret US-government information.


Putting Innocent American Lives at Risk

As a result of this inappropriate sharing of American classified documents with terrorists, not only will jihadists discover how to outmaneuver American capabilities in fighting terror, but the identities of American informants and operatives—in the Mid-East and here at home—will also be shared and their safety compromised.  As a result of all this, many lives will be put at risk—even lives of the family members of those serving in the war on terror.

President Obama knows all this.  He is, after all, a Harvard-educated lawyer himself.  So, why does the president insist on aiding the jihad?  Why would Obama rather put American lives at risk than keep enemy combatants detained, where they cannot hurt anybody?


President Obama’s Record of Abetting the Jihad

President Obama has already shown his utter contempt for the safety of the American people by letting five high-level jihadists out of Gitmo in exchange for an American turncoat, Bowe Bergdahl, whose treachery got six soldiers killed in the attempt to find him soon after he left his base.  Since the five jihadists were set free by Obama, they have since returned to the field of battle to try their hands at killing still more Americans and Westerners.

Once again, President Obama has chosen a pro-jihadist policy that will eventually bite back, harming, and possibly killing, innocent American men, women, and children.  But what can Americans expect from a president who puts the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of running his Executive Branch?  (Read more about this here.)


The Brotherhood Within

The Muslim Brotherhood is within, and there are not enough good men and women in the Congress to put a stop to their deadly agenda.  Speaker Paul Ryan will not attempt to impeach Obama, nor will Mitch McConnell lift a finger to block any legislation that would disable the American jihad that he is planning in the form of Syrian immigrants infiltrated by the Islamic State.  One more year of this president’s Muslim-Brotherhood-directed policies, and Americans will find themselves facing the threat of Muslim jihadists on a daily basis.  And the Democrat/Republican Washington Establishment, along with President Obama, will all have blood on their hands.

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