Whoa. Roseburg, Oregon Tells Obama He’s “Not Welcome”

The citizens of Roseburg, Oregon have a message for President Obama, but he’s not going to like what they have to say.
David Jaques, the publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, the local newspaper, told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Monday night that President Obama should cancel his plans to visit their community.

Apparently the good people of Roseburg did not take kindly to Obama’s decision to use their town to push his own political goals. Jaques said that the people of Roseburg were angry that the President would use the deaths of their loved ones (before the bodies were counted and the loved ones notified) to agitate for gun control.

“I think the President is not welcome in the community. That isn’t just my opinion, we’ve talked to dozens upon dozens of citizens, some family members of the victims, our elected officials… all came to a consensus language about him not being welcome here to grandstand for political reasons… The bottom line is that a number of people believe that when the president opened his press conference we still hadn’t finished counting the bodies on the campus… we hadn’t identified whose children were killed and whose were not. Even at that same moment he was saying “Some people will accuse me of politicizing this issue” and he goes on to say “but it should be.” He not only acknowledged that it could be politicized he was doing so deliberately. Now he wants to come to our community and stand on the corpses of our loved ones and make some kind of political point. It’s not going to be well received by our people, not by our families and not by our elected officials.”

It’s a powerful sentiment and one that, I believe, will strike a chord around the country. Popular opinion on the gun rights issue leans heavily to the right, and while liberals may bemoan this fact, it does not make it any less true. On the heels of the Newtown shooting three years ago the Democrats pushed for more gun control and found a population that was saddened by what happened, but in no way did the American people blame guns for the tragedy. Today, American support for gun rights is just as strong, and I don’t think the American people are going to change their minds just because some mentally disturbed man chose to commit an abhorrent crime.

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In fact, we seem to be hearing much more about Umpqua having been a “gun free zone” and the fact that the shooter was indeed known to be mentally disturbed. The fact that these things are being discussed and we aren’t simply allowing the media to blame guns for this tragedy is a sign that the American people aren’t going to let liberals and the media railroad us on gun control. Obama, Hillary and the rest of their Democrat gun grabbing friends better be careful how they handle their next few steps, because (hopefully) their mistakes will come back to bite them in 2016.

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