Whoa! Did Bill Clinton Talk Donald Trump into Running?

A bit of a bombshell broke earlier this week when it became public knowledge that former President Bill Clinton and candidate Donald Trump spoke by phone just before Trump made his announcement to run for office. That conversation now has conservatives all over the country wondering what Trump’s true motivations for running must be. Is Trump running for office as a conservative or as a pawn for his dear friends, the Clintons.


I’m on my way to Cleveland, I just have that Bill Clinton-Donald Trump phone call ringing in my ears.

The former president is just irrepressible.

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If anyone calls and asks him for political advice, he gives it…

He told Trump he thought he should be a bigger part of the Republican conversation.

We could spend all– It was when Trump was deciding when he was going to run or not.

He didn’t say to run, because that is not the way Bill Clinton would do it, he said: “Be a bigger part of the debate.”

You could speculate a lot about what Bill Clinton’s motivations were there. Making a little mischief on the Republican party?

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