Whoa! Brazile Claims Clinton Campaign was a ‘Cult’

Wow! The Former interim Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman, Donna Brazile, wrote a book claiming that she has been frightened for her life.

Now, in a new interview, Brazile said that the Hillary Clinton campaign was a “cult.”

AHHH. Are you screaming? Because I’m screaming.

The Hill reports:

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“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough said during Brazile’s appearance on the MSNBC show on Wednesday that he thinks President Trump won the 2016 election because of mistakes the Clinton campaign made, former FBI director James Comey and the influence of Russia.

“I’ll put it all in there, but it should have never been a close race,” he asked, “Why did they lose? Was it at the end of the day arrogance?”

“It was a cult,” Brazile blatantly put it, “I felt like it was a cult. You could not penetrate them.”

“I know how to touch people where they live, work, play and pray,” she continued, “I cannot help a candidate if I don’t have the resources, if I cannot spend the resources that the party is raising.”

Brazile said during an interview earlier this month she found “no evidence” that the 2016 Democratic presidential primary process was fixed.

“The only thing I found, which I said, I found the cancer, but I’m not killing the patient, was this memorandum that prevented the DNC from running its own operation,” she said.

In the book, Brazile also said that the campaign would completely “control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised.”


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