Who OWNS the Politicians and the Media?

Chapter II from my book The Trump Revolution (available at Amazon)

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The Dishonorable Businessmen! The Elite!

Before I start whipping the corrupt, dishonorable business men, I want to note two points:

The first point, this book is written from the point of view of a Capitalist who believes in honorable businessmen who, in turn, are responsible for building the country, and employing its people. With the “country,” I mean America, not China or Mexico.

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The second point, I can hear someone saying Trump is a businessman and he is from the elite. Let me say something. When you play a sport and you want to be successful you follow the rules that are set for the game, even if you don’t like them. However, if you head the federation of that sport, you would have a chance to change the rules that you do not believe in.

Now we are ready for the whipping.

The elite of this country, a group of very rich businessmen. They own almost everything including the media and the politicians. You can even call them the neo-lords.

Let’s tell an old story that we all know to see where the neo-lords emerged from.

America is the land of the free. The peasants fled Europe from the oppression of their lords, the hunger, the illness, etc. They fled to America to live as free farmers, until the neo-lords grew again in the land of the free.

At the old time, the lord was the owner and the ruler. Now, the neo-lords, who are the elite businessmen, are the owners and they own the rulers, the politicians shall we say. They even went further, and decided to own the minds and hearts of the people, so they decided to own the media and they even penetrated the churches.

The lord-peasant system found its way again to the land of the free. The system developed. After a struggle, the American People adapted to the new system and forced their elite businessmen to adapt to the idea that they are dealing with free people. The elite businessmen uncomfortable with the idea that the American People are not peasants enough, they decided to leave to where they can find real peasants. They got their bought-off politicians to sign a couple of regional and international free trade agreements. The factories moved to China, Mexico and other countries as a consequence.

Apparently, the elite-businessmen found that their multi-billion dollars are not big enough fortune, so they moved to China to make an extra couple of billions of dollars on cheap labor. Probably, they were afraid that their children might starve and they need an extra couple of billions to make sure they are full.

In the transition, they are using America as a market, a dwindling market. It shrinks as more and more factories are closing and moving abroad. Consequently, more and more workers are laid off. And so, less shoppers and buyers. An economy cannot be sustained by the people selling services to each other and producing nothing.

The elite-businessmen are milking the cows to the last drop and slaughtering them one after one. Quite like the lords in the earlier history, when they are fed-up with a town and the people are harder to rule; they pillage it, burn it and move to another town to start again.

That is what the corrupt elite of the United States’ businessmen are doing. They use their politicians and their media to get the job done.

The corruption prevailed, but the free Americans figured out that there is something wrong and they started to revolt. They did not know where to start and what to do, so Donald Trump jumped in and decided to lead them.

Stand Up America, The Leader Is Here.

So how should an honorable businessman be?

The businessman is a career. Like any career, it has its duties and its ethics.

So what are the duties?

The businessman’s job is building the elements of the economy of the country using his special abilities; like his skills, knowledge, personal character etc. He has to take part in building the country. He has to be involved in forming and executing plans to develop the country. Before and after these, he is responsible for employing the people of his country and getting the best out of them. To accomplish that, he has to socially secure the lives of the workers to make them feel that the time and effort are worth giving. For the businessman to achieve this goal, he has to watch for the health of his workers, physical, mental and psychological. What I mentioned are not newly innovated ideas. Many companies are famous for their “good benefits and pay.” That’s what a businessman is supposed to do.

What are our elite-businessmen doing?

They are shutting factories’ doors, they lay off workers and they move the factories to other countries. Then, they force the people of the United States to buy the products of the factories they moved to the other countries!!!

I hate to be sarcastic, but “what a patriotic and responsible action.” I can hear them murmuring: “hmm…….   The workers have to help themselves, to stand for themselves hmm…..”

Congratulations for increasing your profits greedy Blood Suckers.

Imagine that all the American medical doctors decided to close the hospitals and to move them to another countries. So, to make more money, they leave the American patients to stand for themselves.

Imagine if a man decided to abandon his family for a rich woman leaving his wife and children to stand for themselves.

What are the nationalities of these gluttonous misers?

Could they have closed the factories without buying the politicians? The answer is no. Could they have done this without a cover-up from their media? The answer is no.

Selfishness, greed. I would say treason.

The elite-businessmen formed an alliance against Donald Trump, why? He is the only politician who stood up and spoke out about getting the factories back to America. Don’t believe those who started to hijack his ideas after almost a year of campaigning, they found themselves loosing. They will not touch this subject when they get the presidency. They are just elite-businessmen’s pawns.

If they believe in getting the factories back, they would not have waited that long to mention it during their campaigns. They just found themselves loosing.

The elite-businessmen’s media

Here we are talking about all of what is called the mainstream media. Most all the news channels owned by the elite-businessmen. Trump should be proud they are all against him. Have you ever seen any other candidate being grilled by them like they grill Trump? They pressure Trump as hard as they can then they catch any of his tongue-slips. They make stories and they keep wailing and screaming about these tongue-slips non-stop!!!

What should the job of the media be?

Showing the people the truth about what is happening. Displaying the real problems facing the people according to the people’s priorities. Explaining what is being plotted against them.

That is what they are supposed to do. But, what are they really doing?

Tranquilizing the people by dragging their attention to anything other than their real life problems. Entertaining the people and making them laugh and enjoy their life while the country is being set on fire.


Have you ever seen CNN and her sister channels going with their cameras to show the closed, abandoned factories? Have you ever seen them roaming with their cameras in the streets of abandoned ghost towns? Did they interview laid off workers or the abused Walmart workers who are even being replaced by machines. Have they shown all of that on their screens?

But you know what? We are on the move, and we found a father, a leader who is listening to us, and speaks and acts on our behalf. Stand Up America, The Leader Is Here.

The elite-businessmen’s politicians

Welcome to the employees of the elite-businessmen. They call them Senators, Representatives and even Presidents. They belong to two owned companies that are called political parties: Republicans and Democrats.

Most of these politicians in the last 50 years are bought and sold. They are playing a game they call an election. The rule of the game; let the people get indulged in ideological battles, conservatives against liberals but make sure they don’t break free from the exploitation of the elite-businessmen. It does not matter who wins, the factories were sent and being sent abroad by Republican presidents, Democratic presidents, Republican Congress, Democratic Congress etc.

Were the people asked to approve or disapprove the free trade agreements? I mean were these agreements among the issues the candidates were talking about in their election campaigns before they signed them?

The people are only allowed to make the country 5% more conservative or 5% more liberal. It looks like Trump is taking it far away, beyond what the people are allowed to change.

Let me recite a scenario that would show how a catastrophic decision would be taken behind the people’s backs:

The elite-businessmen speaking to a to-be-president:

You look like you can make a good president…

You are smart or else we wouldn’t have approached you…

We will make you president in return for a favor…….

We want you to do so and so….

If you don’t follow, we will destroy you….No second term…..and/ or big scandal….

You get us angry and you are a dead dog….

End of the scenario.

It is literally a deal with the devil. They ask the politician for a catastrophic decision that feeds their greed and harm the people.

Listen Greedy-Hearts, no more of these dirty tricks.

Stand up, America. Donald J. Trump is here.

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