Who is Bobby Lawrence and Why Do We Need Him?

Who is Bobby Lawrence and why do we need him?

Bobby Lawrence is a Conservative American from Pennsylvania who loves freedom, the second amendment, and putting America first. He also announced his candidacy for US Senate!

Lawrence comes from a blue collar background of hard working men and women. He is a small business owner, like his father before him, and understands the importance of making an honest living.

So why do we need him? To continue making America great again of course! Lawrence supports our president 100% and wants to further Trump’s agenda in making America first again! He makes no apologies for his stance and neither do we! For too long we had a president who was politically correct and put the rest of the world’s needs before outs. No more! We will put America first!

Bobby is a small business owner and lives with his wife in south central Pennsylvania.   He is the proud father of two beautiful young ladies.   Bobby comes from  a blue collar background where he learned the value of hard work and the honor of keeping your word.   His father owns and operates a small residential construction company.

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Bobby had his first paying job at the age of 10 and earned $1.00 per hour that first summer working with his father.   At the age of 70, Bobby’s father still goes to work everyday.   That type of work ethic has stuck with Bobby throughout his adult life.

Bobby believes that hard work should payoff for those who are willing to do it.   Every person deserves the opportunity to achieve personal success in whatever they choose to do in life.   The cycle of constantly striving for better and never quite arriving with better MUST be broken.

Lawrence vote for President Trump in both the primaries and the general election because he realizes that we must drain the swamp of politicians and replace them with true leaders. Trump was not a politician. He was a businessman and TV star. He was unconventional. That is exactly why he was perfect for the job! He could not be bought and controlled by the establishment! As Bobby’s site states, “We can not fix bad government with more government.”

The next U.S. Senator we send to Washington DC, MUST have these two goals in mind:

  • First, to protect and restore Pennsylvania’s Sovereignty from DC’s power elites.
  • Second, to work diligently in supporting President Trump’s America First Agenda.

Here is a list of Bobby’s work history and affiliations:

  • Collision Repair Technician
  • Licensed and fully bonded Pennsylvania insurance appraiser for Erie Insurance Group
  • Attended University of Maryland and Hagerstown Community College
  • Vocational / Technical program instructor for local school district
  • Fully certified  A.S.E. Master-Tech and I-CAR verified
  • Certified teacher with the SP-1 Certificate
  • Elected to the Board of Directors for the W.C.T.A.
  • Taught courses for Hagerstown Community College
  • CEO of a Chicago based business coaching firm
  • Presidential Inauguration Committee Staff Volunteer in January 2017
  • Served on a Local Advisory Council on Vocational – Technical Education

He is currently:

  • President / CEO of EM-R Windows & Doors, Inc. serving the commercial glazing industry.
  • Founder of Protect Your Vote USA

Disclaimer: The following organizations have not endorsed in anyway, shape, or form,  Bobby’s campaign

  • ASTM  Voting member of the C14 Committee (American Standards of Testing and Measurement)  
  • IWLA  Member  (Izaak Walton League of America) Izaak Walton League of America - logo
  • Member of the Waynesboro Fish and Game Protective Association Waynesboro Fish and Game Protective Association

For more information on Lawrence, you can check out his Facebook Page.

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