White House Won’t Tell Us how Much Obama’s Amnesty will Cost

In another disturbing twist, the White House seems extremely reticent to tell the American people how much President Obama’s amnesty is going to cost us.

Not that any of us should be surprised. I mean – when has the Obama administration actually been up front with us about anything? (Never?) It honestly seems like they might not really have any idea how much this will cost… which may be even scarier than them hiding the costs.

Think about it.

If they don’t know how much amnesty will actually cost, then how much planning and research did they really put into preparing the strategy? This might have even more unintended consequences and disastrous results than we conservatives fear…

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Alexis Simendinger White House reporter for Real Clear Politics asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the looming executive orders:

amnesty1“When we get briefed, or we get information, will there be budgetary numbers attached to it? Will we be able to understand more what the projected cost or what the budgetary effect will be?”

Earnest incredibly answered with – “That’s none of your business.” Okay, he didn’t say that exactly… but he kind of did.

“Well, I don’t know if those numbers will be produced, but you are certainly welcome to ask about them. We’ll see if we can get you some answers.”

“Well, as many of you know, who’ve been covering this closely, the White House has been engaged in a wide range of conversations as the President’s been considering what steps to take. And those conversations have been rooted in, primarily, helping to understand, or helping the White House to have a clear understanding, of how specific decisions might have an impact on specific communities or, in some cases, even specific businesses.

There is a desire to have that kind of understanding and, as a result, there’ve been a number of conversations that have been convened by members of the President’s staff to discuss some of these issues.”

Did you get all of that? Clear as mud, right?

Basically what Earnest is saying … ‘we have no idea how much this will cost, we weren’t really thinking about cost when we came up with it. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive, because that might make people even angrier with us. We’re going to try and figure this out now… but we’ll only tell you how much it costs if it makes us look good – otherwise we’ll keep it to ourselves.’

Ah, another day, another horrible Obama scheme about to go terribly wrong.

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