White House “Disgusted” by Clinton Email Scandal?

On Monday’s episode of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough spoke with Ron Fournier of the National Journal about the latest revelations in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Over the last couple of days the revelation that the State Department does not have all of the Clinton emails came to light, as well as several other issues that call Clinton’s honesty into question, and now the media finally seems to be realizing that Clinton may not be as innocent as she pretends.

Fournier: “Look, the big — the single biggest issue we have in politics right now is the public doesn’t trust politicians, doesn’t trust government. And it’s incumbent on our leaders, whether they’re Democrats, Republicans, Independents, to make sure they earn that trust, and Hillary Clinton, for all her strengths, is really undermining the trust, not just in her but — and not just in the Democratic Party, but in politics in general. My view on all of these kind of stories is, you know, don’t presume guilt, don’t assume innocence, and follow the money. So, I would really like to know whether or not, and I don’t know, but I would love to know whether or not there’s in those emails, that we know we don’t have all of, that we know weren’t fully vetted, whether there’s any communications about the donors to the Clinton Foundation. And, you know, until we see — until we know there’s been an independent vetting of her server, we’re always going to wonder whether or not there was a blur.”

Joe Scarborough: “Why wouldn’t the State Department, why wouldn’t the Obama administration investigate this? They very clearly, off-the-record will all tell you– very clearly with eyes rolling– that they can’t believe Hillary Clinton did this.”

Ron Fournier: “Well, yeah. I judge people by their actions, not their words. White House officials tell me too they’re disgusted with the fact that Hillary Clinton violated their rules on foreign donations, violated the rules on e-mail. Well, I haven’t heard the president rebuke her. I haven’t seen his State Department investigate this. so I got to assume that the Obama White House is complicit in this lack of transparency and in this rule-breaking, and whatever else is going on that we don’t know about.”

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