White Democrat Says Latina Republican “Doesn’t Have Latino Heart”

Republican Governor Susana Martinez is running for reelection in New Mexico, and her Democrat opponent is pulling out all the stops in his campaign to unseat her – including the race card.

What’s interesting in this move by the Democrat Gary King, is that he’s an old white guy who’s saying that the Governor isn’t Latino enough. Meanwhile, Governor Martinez is a Latina woman… who is, once again, Latina.

Weird, right?


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I have no problem with white people discussing racial issues… but this seems like a bridge too far. He’s claiming that she isn’t “Latino enough” because she doesn’t hold to liberal orthodoxy on immigration. So, obviously Mr. King thinks that he is Latino enough… even though he isn’t Latino.

The folks at the Weekly Standard remind us that this isn’t the first time Governor Martinez has faced racial attacks. In her first Gubernatorial run in 2010, her opponents called her “la Texana” which is Spanish for “the Texan.” Sadly, it is also a racial epithet for someone of lower-class descent… or not worthy.

As a fellow conservative Latino, I empathize with Governor Martinez. I often face attack for not being “authentic” enough because of my conservative perspective. It’s a sad statement on society that our political ideology somehow makes us “less than” within our ethnic groups – and that our fellow Latinos will allow non-Latinos to question our “authenticity,” if they have the “right” political beliefs.

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