Whiny Democrats Forget these 5 Times they Undermined Republican Presidents with Foreign Governments!

The Washington Examiner has a great piece up today about 5 different times that Congressional Democrats undermined a Republican President with foreign governments. The piece is in response the cries of “sedition” and “treason” coming from liberals today after 47 Senate Republicans led by Tom Cotton (R-AR) sent a letter to Iran, reminding them that any treaty they complete with president Obama must be ratified by the Senate. The plain idea is to remind both Iran and Obama that the majority of the Senate does NOT agree with the path President Obama has chosen in these negotiations, and they will likely NOT ratify any treaty that Obama concludes if he does not change course and make harsher demands upon Iran.

The attacks of “sedition” and “treason” are altogether ridiculous, especially when you consider the Democrats own particular recent history of doing similar things.

Here’s the Examiner’s list of 5 different times the Democrats carried out similar (and even more egregious) attacks on Republican Presidential credibility…


  1. That time “liberal lion” Ted Kennedy proposed a secret alliance with the Soviet Union to defeat President Ronald Reagan

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A 1983 KGB memo uncovered after the fall of the Soviet Union described a meeting between former KGB officials and former Democratic Sen. John Tunney (Sen. Kennedy’s confidant) in Moscow. Tunney asked the KGB to convey a message to Yuri Andropov, the Soviet leader, proposing a campaign in which Kennedy would visit Moscow to offer talking points to Andropov and Soviet officials on how to attack Reagan’s policies to U.S. audiences. According to the memo, Kennedy, through the intermediary, offered to help facilitate a media tour in a proposed visit by Andropov to the U.S. Kennedy’s hope, as conveyed by the letter, was to hurt Reagan politically on foreign policy at a time when the economic recovery was working in his favor.


Read the Rest of the list at the Washington Examiner…

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