While the Media Slanders GOP Candidates they Ignore these 21 Obama Scandals!

This is the favorite time for the liberal mainstream media.  This is when they  get to vet  presidential candidates. Well at least the GOP candidates. While I wish they would vet the Democrats as well, the liberal media refuses to do so because it goes against their progressive faith which (they believe) is protected by the freedom of religion guarantees in the First Amendment

As you read this, countless media interns at organizations such as ABC, NBC, Time-Warner, CBS and CNN for example, are inspecting the lives of each of the people running for the 2016 Republican nomination. They are finding out which candidate broke their crayons in kindergarten, who pooped in their diapers, and of course which GOP candidate refused to eat their string beans. They are searching for anything tiny thing they could turn into a scandal.

Allow me to suggest that before they get into spinning scandals against the Republicans, the media has some cleaning up to do.  They first should report about some of the many Obama scandals they never reported about during the past almost seven years. Come on people! The first primary isn’t until February! There is plenty of time for them to cover Obama before they begin their ritual slandering of the leading Republicans.

To help them out, I put together a list of 21 Obama scandal stories the media forgot to cover. I am not asking that each major media company investigate all twenty-two, perhaps they could split them up one or two per liberal media organization.

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Below is my 21, I’m sure there are others but if they cover these twenty-one before Iowa on February 2, then we should permit them to have their of digging up/inventing dirt on the GOP candidates while prostrating themselves before statues of their new god, the “Lord Clinton II.”

They don’t even have to start from scratch, many of these subjects have been covered by bloggers. Check the stories out,  research our links, and don’t bother to give us credit, heck even the conservatives in the mainstream media don’t do that:

  • Ignoring a court order to ease up on restrictions against deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, instead issuing tougher restrictions.

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