Which GOP Candidate do the Democrats Hate the Most?

It might surprise you to know that the Democrats have a favorite Republican presidential candidate—to hate:

The Hill tallied the DNC’s social media mentions of Republican presidential contenders, scanning press releases, tweets and Facebook posts from July 2014 through June 2015, to see whom the group has been hitting the most over the past year.

[Rand] Paul ranks as the DNC’s top target, with 203 mentions. Christie follows with 202 attacks, and Bush trails closely behind him with 199.

With a slew of declared candidates and even more potential contenders, the DNC has spread its fire wide. The DNC has hit 17 potential Republican contenders over the last year.

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Interesting, right? It makes me wonder, is this reverse psychology? Are they trying to bait Republicans into nominating Rand Paul because they think they can beat him? Or are they attacking Rand Paul for the old traditional reasons—good old-fashioned hate.

Rand Paul - GOP Superhero?I think it is also of note that Donald Trump has not received hardly any attention from the DNC. It seems like he would be an easy target after his recent slew of “racist” remarks and the generally unfiltered bombast he hurls about like so much weight in a board meeting. No such luck, Donald Trump. In spite of all your attempts to get attention, it looks like the Democrats are ignoring you.

It is also worth mentioning that the Democrats will have a difficult time honing in on their particular adversary with so many Republicans entering the fray. Right now, there are currently 13 declared Republican presidential candidates.

That is a mind-boggling number, but it denotes an important shift in the Republican party. Right now, Republicans are attempting to find out whom their voters would vote for. In some ways, the Republican party doesn’t know who they are. I hope they’re willing to support whomever the electorate chooses, even if it’s not an Establishment Party Player. Perhaps they’ve learned their lesson after John McCan’t and Mitt Bombney. I kind of doubt it, though.


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