Which Circle of Hell?



Based on a letter by Dick Morris


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Bill and Hillary love the poor.

I hate them

I am poor.

They are rich.

It’s easy to look down and kiss

The wind.


In law school Hillary wanted to be a Black Panther.

She figured she’d get over her self-hate

If she identified with killers.

She was like the future Tarantino—

A mouse that doesn’t road,

A rat that complains.


She interned with the Communist Party,

Bob Truehaft.

She flunked the DC bar and

Couldn’t find a flunky lawyer job.

Now she wants to be the rule of the rule of law,

The President.


Slick Bill got her a job at U. of Arkansas

And at the Rose Law Firm.

She was no rose.

She became a thorn in our sides.

A chip off her husband’s block,

She takes credit for forming Children’s Health Insurance

But did nothing.


She traveled the world because Bill didn’t want

Her at home.

She did nothing substantive except look the other

Way when Bill was in the oval office with Monica.

Hillary put on pantsuits to hide her age.

They were not the rage.

She looked like a page.


As for the war on terror,

She is terrible,

Like Obama she leaves us in trauma.

She wants to close GITMO.

What for?

Like terrorists deserve a break when American

Thieves live like bees in cells,

Stinging themselves.


She doesn’t want to listen in to Al Qaeda phone calls

Because she might hear Arabs laughing at her.

And why not grant enemy combatants constitutional rights.

She wants no monitoring of money transfers

Between Al Qaeda cells

And supporters in the USA.

No harsh interrogation even if it will save lives.

Yeah, Hillary is just swell.

Which circle will she reside in hell?

The tenth, maybe.

Dante would get sick having to invent her.

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