Which Candidate said Mexico is a “Problem”, We Must “Secure our Borders,” and “Deport” Illegals?

Which Candidate said Mexico is a “Problem”, We Must “Secure our Borders,” and “Deport” Illegals?

I know, I know… what’s with the no brainer title? This was basically Donald Trump’s campaign platform on Day 1 when he didn’t have much else to say yet. You’re right, today, Donald Trump is still saying some of this stuff (though he’s gotten a bit softer on deportation). However, if you guessed that he was the candidate who called Mexico (and their government) a problem, if you guessed he was the candidate who said we must “secure our borders,” and if you guessed that he was the person who said we should “deport” criminal illegals… you would be wrong for our purposes.

See, the candidate who said all of these things (and more) was none other than Hillary Clinton.

A video has been making the rounds has Hillary Clinton sounding a lot like her probable opponent in the presidential race, Donald Trump. In fact, there is even a point in the video where Mrs. Clinton argues for securing the border by several different means, including “building physical barriers.” Now, I’m not rocket scientist… but that sounds an awful lot like she suggested building a wall way before Donald Trump ever did! (Gasp!)

No one is going to mistake Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump anytime soon, but it is quite interesting that the polices being advocated by Mr. Trump today are now called racist, but ten years ago when Mrs. Clinton was spouting them… they were just plain old common sense.

There is a devious double standard at work here, and it’s yet another example of the liberals’ use of fascist tactics to defeat their opponents.

When the illegal immigration advocates lost the logical argument on illegal immigration, they shifted their rhetoric to something that would ensure liberal support. They began speaking of racism, xenophobia, bigotry, and other horrible things and in this way they made sure that no Democrat (their political allies) would oppose them and the American people would begin to buy the hateful speech as possibly true (simply because the media kept repeating the attack).

The reality is that the illegal immigration debate has nothing to do with any of those terrible, mean-spirited words. Logic and evidence dictate that illegal immigration is bad for our nation, and since the left has no means of refuting the argument, they turn to silly ad hominem attacks, which simply proves that Anthony Watts was right, “When you resort to name calling, you’ve lost the argument.”

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