When Lawless Crowds Protest



Cops kill by accident when they are trying to protect us

From probable horrible cause,

A pause before the trigger finger presses

To stop a criminal in his villainous tracks.

You dressed for Halloween like a protestor

But you’re really a reverse racist trouble maker.


Cops save the meek and the weak

Women and children.

They save more victims than the thugs kill innocents.

Hey, hip, hip, hooray for the cops.

If one accidentally kills a thug

Or mistakes the intent of a minor criminal

So be it.


Without the police we would lose our lease

On life and protection from gangs.


Protestors in Ferguson burned their own buildings down.

All for criminal, moron Michael Brown.

Fat is fat; stupid is stupid; criminal is criminal.

It’s embarrassing that thousands marched for that thug.

Darren Wilson was hazed instead of praised.


Not everybody deserves to draw breath.

Michael Brown died to teach blacks not to side with a bum,


Thugs should be shunned.


Michael even failed at surrender.

He didn’t throw his hands in the air.

He just didn’t care about justice or peace.

This ain’t Cypress Hill.



Crowds flow into a punk’s resurrection in Black Lives Matter.

In Chicago they splatter each other across the streets.


Tarantino threw the cops in the air like he just didn’t care

At Washington Square.

He teaches kids cinematic violence while he blames cops

For his flops.


And if Tarantino needed the cops to protect him he’d be

On his cowardly hands and knees.

He stings like bees and dies like fleas.


When you got the bucks like Tarantino you shuck your obligation

To the minorities who need cops to protect them

From the skeleton in the hood.


Our director needs some direction.

He wants protection like cowardly Che from the Bolivians.

If Tarantino’s face weren’t so ugly we could put it on a T-shirt

Like Guevara’s.


Black lives matter but not if Tarantino leads them to their deaths.

If he hung himself from celluloid he’d earn an Academy Award.

He wants to be black.

But blacks are a lot better than that.

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