When it Comes to the Flood of Muslim Refugees Hungary says “Stay Out!”

“Most people think that shadows follow, precede or surround beings or objects.  The truth is that they also surround words, ideas, desires, deeds, impulses and memories.”  —Elie Wiesel


Hungary’s Fight

While the rest of Europe is committing civilizational suicide, the tiny country of Hungary—only ten million people big—is remembering.  It is recalling its history and resisting the onslaught of Muslims who want to reside there.  While it is likely already too late for England, France, Germany, and many other European states, Hungary—with only 26,000 Muslims to speak of—stands defiant against allowing more Muslims, war-weary though they may be, to set up house within its borders.

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Hungarian Anti-Semitism: A Few Words

The fact is that Hungary has, in the past, shown itself to be highly anti-Semitic, as well as anti-Muslim.  But the two differing attitudes should not be conflated.  While anti-Semitism is not rooted in Jewish bad behavior, anti-Islamic attitudes are based on real fears of what Muslims do to non-Muslims when given a legitimate chance to act out against them.  The main value in understanding Hungary’s fight against Islamic Jihad lies in its casting a light on the barbarity of the Jihadists and emphasizing the dangers of Islamic Jihad to the Western world.


Hungarian Jihad (1526-1683)

In 1526, Muslims started their long fight against the Hungarians, who stood in the way of a Muslim conquest of Europe.  It was the Battle of Mohacs (pronounced Moh-hahtch) that initiated the struggle.  This battle resulted from a rejected invitation for Louis II to embrace the Call to Islam.  The Muslim Turks declared war on Hungary, citing the Hungarians’ status as Kafirs (non-Muslims) and their rejection of the invitation to convert to Islam as provocations for the attack.  Louis was told by a Muslim delegation from Turkey that refusal to accept Allah, once invited to do so, was an act of war!  (The 9/11 attacks on America were also due to the fact that America did not embrace Islam, after Osama bin-Laden’s Call to Islam requesting that America convert.)  Louis was told that to successfully sue for peace he must agree that Hungary would give up its Hungarian language, the use of Roman characters, and any non-Islamic religions practiced within its borders.  The Jihad concerns itself with the struggle against, and eventual annihilation of, all that is jahiliyya (that which is not guided by Islamic principles).


The Battle of Mohacs

Battle of MohacsThe Muslim Jihadists were encamped on the south side of the Drava River.  Over several days’ time, the Ottomans feigned crossing at many points along the river.  This served to confuse the Hungarians as well as spread them out along the river, which set them up for eventual defeat.  The other subterfuge was the negotiation process, which was used by the Muslims as an excuse to come and go behind the lines of their foes, learning their strengths and weaknesses, thus deciding on a naval attack up the Drava and Sava rivers as a part of their overall strategy that would allow the landing of soldiers at advantageous positions.  In the middle of August, during two nights of heavy rainfall, the Turks built a bridge across the river in an area hidden from Hungarian eyes.  With mercenary pirates acting as ferrymen and the main Muslim force achieving a means to cross the river, the smaller Hungarian army lost its defensive advantages.  King Louis and many of his knights fell on the battlefield, consigning Hungary to the status of a Dhimmi nation for a long time to come.  (Dhimmis are semi-slaves who pay a 50% tax under the yoke of Islam.)  And within three years of the battle of Mohacs, Vienna found itself also under siege, although that story had a happier ending.


Lessons in Ruthlessness

Eastern Europeans learned from the Hungarian experience that the only way to succeed against Islamic Jihad was to be as ruthless as the Muslims were—both during and after the battle.  Muslim warriors fight fiercely, since they embrace death, valuing the afterlife more than this one, as a rule.  And, in the aftermath of battle, Muslims usually behead the men who refuse to convert or to accept Islam as a Dhimmi (a semi-slave without even the right to defend one’s life).  It is also normal for Muslims to take the adult women and the female children above the age of eight as sex slaves and to castrate the pre-pubescent boys for use as eunuchs.  Females under eight are generally cared for, until they can be married off by the age of eight or nine.


The Long View

All who have striven to negotiate with Jihadists have found out how fruitless the pursuit is.  The Muslim position is always that the Kafir must surrender to Islam in toto (either as a Muslim or a Dhimmi) or die.  After the Battle of Mohacs, the Muslims executed the captured Hungarian soldiers, sparing none of their lives.  But the more lasting consequence of this battle was in how it influenced European history.  A legacy of unrest, due to the effects of Islamic Jihad, left the region unstable and prone to xenophobic hysteria and human atrocities.  Hungary often became dependent on support from unsavory nation states to provide assurance and stability, such as Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, joining the Axis Powers during World War II and collaborating in the extermination of Jews and Gypsies.

It is perhaps ironic that the ancient xenophobia—that has long been Hungary’s bane, and the root cause of many societal dysfunctions and historical misdeeds—may actually offer correct guidance in the current situation.  Given the context of a new Muslim Jihad, this time via emigration from Syria and other regions, it is appropriate to note that those being rejected are the very ones whose culture originally spawned the deep-rooted Hungarian fear of outsiders in the first place.

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