When Did Hollywood Become so Foreign to America?




I just saw the movie Carol, and while I was impressed by the acting the story was as foreign to me as if it occurred on Pluto, a dwarfed planet.

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I felt that I was breathing in the atmosphere of a distant place. The sexual innuendos didn’t move me. I was sitting in my space capsule watching two ladies coming on to each other and didn’t understand the synergy.


The desire of Hollywood to play with sexuality and get off on homosexuality is explicable only as a cheap way to celebrate a different form of attraction.


As a heterosexual who is mired in his own masculinity and love of women, when I see Cate Blanchett giving Rooney Mara a steamy look I might as well be looking at people on Mars. I can’t feel the magic. It is foreign to me and ninety-eight per cent of the audience.


My sexuality is a stronger drive than hunger and self-defense. It is who I am. I don’t want to see schoolboy intellects mess with it. I spent my whole youth chasing after women and my whole seniority in love with one woman.


To identify with the plight of the two women is more than a suspension of disbelief which involves, as Samuel Taylor Coleridge said, “a willingness to suspend one’s critical faculties and believe the unbelievable.”


While sex between women is more than believable, it is foreign to the normal procreative instinct and fairly noxious to the heterosexual. There would be no Darwinian survival of the fittest if the joints didn’t fit. Except by artificiality.


Most of the liberals who like Carol are not gay. They identify with the plight of gays but would be sickened to do the actions themselves.


Liberals are hypocrites getting off on other people’s oddities. Gays actually have to pay for being foreign and remote while the liberals have to pay nothing because they don’t have to experience gay neglect, gay infidelity, gay discomfort at being gay and gay inferiority at probably not being able to have a legitimate long term family unless they adopt.


In short liberal supporters of gayness encourage gays in their pride in self-destructive behavior. Liberals have the privilege in strutting that they are anti-homophobic. They feel good about themselves but they are in essence gays’ worst enemies in promoting their difficult life styles.


At least with me gays know that their gayness will in no way influence my attitude towards them and that I will like them but not their gayness. They know who I am and I accept who they are but don’t celebrate it.


And why should I like gay sex? It’s not part of my DNA.


Of course the liberals don’t like gay sex either.  They are just afraid to admit it because they don’t want to own up to being real homophobes.


I liked the movie Carol but was unable to relate to the steamy attraction of two people.  It was foreign to me to be attracted to them.


Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara acted the parts of lesbians well but I think the film is appropriate for a small gay audience.  Who needs the confusion of the hypocritical liberals and the celebration of the Hollywood community gasping as if they identified with what they imagined was going on?


Perhaps gays can come out of the closet.  But they should still have one foot in it. Neither out nor in. Their position is most advantageous in and out. They are neither here nor there. But they should not be so aggressively in your face.


The future doesn’t belong to them as idiot Sean Penn says. What belongs to them is to be treated as human beings for their humanity not their oddity. Hold back and all things will come to them.

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