When Democrats Say That Our Border is Already Secure, Show Them This Video

Ever since Trump announced he was running for president, his critics – mostly Democrats – have complained that our southern border is already secure, and that we don’t need a giant wall constructed.

And besides, those who do come here aren’t trying to cause any trouble. They’re just looking for a better life for themselves and their families. So, we should let them in freely (as long as they vote Democrat).

It’s true that building a giant wall won’t completely stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking. There are still going to be ladders and tunnels. And accessing the U.S. by sea.

But I think it and additional border security will make it a lot harder. Ever since Trump won the election, border crossings plummeted, and he hasn’t even done anything with the wall yet – except the ongoing wall repairs and replacements.

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What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are still many gaps along the border where there’s basically nothing more than a boundary line. There are even roads that people can drive on across the border.

Check out what these two guys Joe Biggs and David Rodriquez did to get across the border:

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