What’s Wrong with Liberals?


Liberals have short brains and long ambitions. They say things that they can’t realize. Not all but most. I am not prejudiced against liberals but liberal progressivism is prejudiced against reality.

It is part of their intellectual DNA. They want to turn the violence of the world into pacifistic tranquility. Indeed, instead of deeds they specialize in talk and rhetoric.

Liberals want to throw a rock into a lake and not see a ripple. Then they want to say that the rock did not sink and that peace is a wet product of their rhetoric.

They figuratively poke their eyes out so that they do not see the horrid reality of the world. They are blinded to their own cruelties because they are little snotty girls who gossip in a spoiled high school about other sororities. Conservatives are part of their own history whereas liberals are kites without strings flying loosely in the wind.

 Liberals hate conservatives because they are jealous that conservatives have a link to their pasts and are not into the backfiring crap of progressive ideas.

Spare me from liberals and their political henchmen. The highway to hell is paved with them.

I once was a liberal. It made me feel good to approve of all sins and chew forgiveness like bubble gum. I was everything that was wrong with the future yet I thought that I was the beauty of tomorrow.

I did not really care how much good I did or didn’t do as long as I pretended that I was doing it. Indeed, I was more interested in talk than deed.

But at least I talked from the heart rather than the teleprompter. Then again, Obama’s ambitious heart is probably more superficial than the teleprompter.

Liberals particularly hate our views of social issues. They think that values are prejudices instead of emotional and logical positions. They hate our negative views on same sex marriage and abortion.

Liberals like puppet-faced Cuomo hate conservatives because we have the density of reality rather than the backfiring crap of progressive ideas.

Spare me from liberals and their political henchmen. The highway to hell is paved with them.

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