What’s With Her Smile?

For the life of me, why this photo keeps being published is beyond reason.  I mean, here is a smiling Hillary with husband Billy walking from the voting booths on Election Day and for the life of me, I just can’t fathom this infamous replay.

Mind you, all this is in retrospect.  This picture depicts both Clintons during happier moments verses what was to befall later that evening.  As a Trump voter, I now enjoy knowing the outcome verses their foolish grins but what lies behind her smile?  Fortunately, we will never know for certain but?

Still, the smile is a standard prop for the political genre.  It’s instinctual as it is fake and oops, I might have just touched upon why the MSM replays such unknowing.

So, with her smile, isn’t it now so fitting that such a façade meets its crushing fate?  I mean her smile echoed her campaign with an odd reversal of sorts since happiness had to be feigned so as to offset her own disposition plus having to cope with her competitor.

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In the closing campaign days, realizing that she remained out of the limelight as her opposition barnstormed the countryside with half a dozen daily appearances, smiling for the cameras had to be as empty as her promises.

What comes across from this photo is that her talent for false fronts may just be instinctual since this phony act probably began during those days in Arkansas when hubby was campaigning for Governor.  That, by any means, is a lot of smiling!

If anything, what comes across in this depiction is that of a “plastic” grin, something that appears on cue.  It also should give pause for her disappointed following since this outward expression is foreign to the person.  Hillary is anything but happy.

In fact, the mere thought that she has to justify her Presidential bid by campaigning against a rookie, one that never held office much less previously campaigned, this represents too many steps beneath her political standing and personal dignity.

Her memories of an “out of nowhere” candidate besting her primary bid still aggravates.  So now, with this brash and arrogant contender, which are actually traits well known within the Clinton circles, for this outsider to reach the closest rung on the political ladder, and for which now required her head to head jousting, combined with smiling at the prospect of needing votes from those who, in all honesty she would rather just say, “at this point, what difference does it make,” well this photo, if nothing else, frames a classic insincerity but most importantly, captures her anticipation of continuing  America’s transformation, which Clinton can’t wait to direct!

This one snapshot, for those caring of our Country’s future well being must become a cherished cutout.  Even framed with some sort of caption like, Foolishness at its Extreme.

So, what was in this smile had little to do with sincerity or well wishes; rather it displayed an eager delight for being so close to the mantle of power.   For this very reason, plus the final tallies, her smile became an expectation as false as her entire life.  One only has to recall her false “standing by her man” front from days of old.  Could it be that the “what goes around comes around” rule became her nemesis?

Although not capture in that moment, but as many would agree, four other smiles became wider as that evening progress.  And just maybe, those four Benghazi heroes can now finally be at rest knowing that a cruel fate, although not equal to theirs, had just been administered to a person most deserving.

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