What’s the Deal with Pervert Politicians?

Lots of mayors have been accused of being pervert politicians, doing inappropriate stuff involving children.

The idea of pervert politicians got a brief boost in response to the Wikileaks release and the Pizzagate allegations. The media promptly ridiculed the story and the allegations were never investigated. But the theme of a political class especially associated with sex crimes related to children isn’t easily dismissed. A recent article reviews several people in local government who have been so accused.

The Daily Caller reports, “At Least 11 Mayors Accused of Child Sex-Related Crimes Since 2016.” Here’s what they say about the first three mayors on their list.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned on Wednesday after a fifth man publicly accused the Democrat of molesting him as a child.

But Murray isn’t alone. At least 11 then-current and former mayors have been accused of child sex abuse-related crimes since 2016. The allegations range from child porn to physical abuse. The alleged victims were as young as four years old.

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Stillwater, New York Mayor Rick Nelson resigned earlier this month after being arrested on child porn charges. Nelson has a decades-long history of alleged sexual misconduct involving teenagers and children. The child porn charges marked the fifth such accusation against Nelson, the Times Union reported, including allegations of rape and sodomy.

Nelson was never convicted for the previous alleged abuses, which allegedly included inappropriate behavior with a five year old in 1982 on the school bus that Nelson was driving at the time.

Nelson is the father of Patrick Nelson, a Democratic 2018 congressional candidate who served as one of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ delegates at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Just last week, 78-year-old Dale Kenyon, former mayor of Clayton, New York was indicted on charges of sexually abusing a teenager over the course of three years.

Read the full Daily Caller article.

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