What We’re Reading September 8, 2015

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#BlackLivesMatter will be gone in a year; what horrible movement will the liberal media find to replace it?

Words matter. The most abject racist could not have invented a more effective way to achieve racial polarization than the many current manifestations of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Did a racist think up the movement’s absurdities: its criticism of “All Lives Matter,” the implicit encouragement of violence against the police who alone battle barbarity in the inner city, the constant whine about white privilege that is sloppily addressed and often reverberated by whites who enjoy it against other whites who do not, the cynical use of the movement by black elites whose privileges sometimes derive from the disparities of the underclass — and the reluctance to discuss and address the epidemic of inordinate black illegitimacy, crime, drug use, rap vulgarity, social service dependence, and the romance of the violent cult of the male, all of whose assuagement could lead to parity?

Fox News’ Juan Williams argues that #BlackLivesMatter is playing with fire and they might just get burned.

Donald Trump’s appearance on the Hugh Hewitt radio show did not go well, and Trump quickly resorted to name-calling and bridge-burning in the aftermath. But Sean Davis at the Federalist says we should slow down and put the interview into historical perspective – this was a bad moment, but definitely not something that might kill the Trump campaign.

France promises to take on 24,000 new Muslim refugees, and Germany has promised to provide 6 Billion Euros to help deal with the refugee crisis.

The Democrat romance with Hillary Clinton may well be over, but there may be a new love affair building between Republicans and Dr. Ben Carson.

Is Carly Fiorina still on the rise, or has her moment come and gone?

Disney has a whole slew of awesome new Star Wars toys coming out just in time for the Holidays.

Spreadable Beer is a real thing… and it’s delicious.

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