What We’re Reading September 4, 2015

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Trending: Obama Forgot He is No Longer President, Shows Up at G20 Summit

Breaking! Donald Trump has decided that he will sign a loyalty pledge that will bind him to endorse whoever the eventual GOP candidate is! This is a really big deal, both for Donald Trump and for the GOP.

Donald Trump is leading by a solid margin in New Hampshire, Dr. Ben Carson is #2, and Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush are tied at #3.

Trump may be leading now, but Jeb Bush has a serious plan to “deflate” Trump’s lead and begin winning conservatives to his cause.

PBS host Gwen Ifill recently let her liberal colors show and her network’s ombudsman is not happy that she chose to sully the integrity of her employer.

#BlackLivesMatter is costing black lives. Every major city across the nation has recently a SHARP rise in violent crime and murder.


American Jews have only themselves to blame for the Iran Nuclear Deal and the spread of political anti-Semitsm.

How well does the GOP need to do with Hispanic voters in order to win the White House in 2016?

Hillary’s uncovered emails seem to show exactly what conservatives have long feared. Hillary Clinton used her position at the State Department to do favors for people who gave her family money.

Disgusting. Hundreds of thousands of veterans have died waiting for the VA to provide them with healthcare!

Did anyone else notice that the latest Planned Parenthood undercover video seems to provide a confession of law breaking?

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