What We’re Reading September 21, 2015

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Trending: Guy Jailed for Helping People Fix Their Microsoft Computers

The Texas tale of the briefcase clock building kid is a complete and utter sham. It was concocted as a way to incite another round of “white guilt,” and there is no reason for anyone, anywhere, to be worried about this kid. It’s a convenient tale of racism… and it’s a LIE. Not only was the controversy contrived (likely by the boy’s father), but the kid didn’t even actually invent (or even build) a clock.

Has anyone else noticed that Carly Fiorina seems to be one of the few female politicians who doesn’t play the gender card? She doesn’t seem to pander to women, she doesn’t shame men for being male, and she sure doesn’t expect men to treat her with kid gloves “just because” she’s a woman. After years of Hillary Clinton’s whining and complaining, it’s refreshing.

Democrats seem to do a lot of worrying nowadays – whether they’re worrying about Hillary Clinton’s criminal predilections or the fact that the unelectable Bernie Sanders is doing so well in the primary… it’s just not a good time to be a Democrat.

According to conservative pundit Ross Douthat, neither Donald nor Ben Carson are serious candidates for President.

The fed-up columnists have reasonable questions for Trump-supporting Republicans. How can fiscal conservatives support a single-payer-praising crony capitalist? How can social conservatives support a thrice-married sybarite? How can anyone who mocked the celebrity element in Obama’s 2008 campaign embrace the host of Celebrity Apprentice?

But if you’re looking for the candidate whose polling surge looks most like a march of voter folly, the Donald and his Trumpistas wouldn’t be the place I’d start. Instead, I would pick the Ben Carson phenomenon, and the evangelical Christians who increasingly form the core of his support.

President Obama’s favorite (criminal) lackey, Susan Rice, just admitted to treason in the Iran Deal.

Could Rand Paul make a comeback in the GOP primary? If he does, it will probably start in Michigan.

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