What We’re Reading October 9, 2015

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Hey President Obama, 1938 called. It wants its Foreign Policy back

Similar to the Munich Accord is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Iranian nuclear agreement. The sheep tell us the only alternative is war — and the sheep do not want war, so we must acquiesce to the No. 1 state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world. Is there any doubt Iran now controls Baghdad, Sanaa, Beirut and Damascus — and now we have Iran’s Quds Force and their proxy army, Hezbollah, operating in Syria under the cover of Russian combat aircraft.

A video of Ted Cruz destroying a climate change alarmist during a Congressional hearing is making the rounds, but one moment in the conversation sticks out – when the alarmist quotes a statistic that “97% of climate scientists agree” he is lying through his teeth… here’s why. This is what liberals do they lie, cheat and misinform until no one remembers the truth.

The Director of the IRS should be impeached.

Russia has deployed their elite Spetsnaz forces onto the battlefield in Syria.

Injustice! Obama’s Department of Justice is suing a small town in Illinois for saying no to plans to build a mosque in their town.

Don’t buy the liberal lie behind the Cuba propaganda. It is a place of abject poverty, government oppression and terrifying persecution.

The Clinton campaign tried to “troll” the GOP candidates, but Rand Paul was ready and responded in spectacular fashion.

Donald Trump is going to need a ton of money to stay in the race – does he have it?

Thank God for William Tyndale.

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