What We’re Reading October 28, 2015

What We’re Reading October 28, 2015

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading, Wednesday, October 28, 2015.

Most of the GOP presidential candidates actually agree on one controversial subject – marijuana. However, you might be surprised by what they think about the subject. Most of the GOP candidates think that legalizing marijuana should be left up to the states!

The New Republic and the Daily Caller have dueling pieces up about GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio and both are as backhanded as they are complimentary. The New Republic says that Rubio is the 2016 version of former Democrat candidate for president John Edwards. Meanwhile, in an effort to be a bit more complimentary, the Daily Caller wonders if Rubio is actually the GOP version of Barack Obama.

Don’t’ be surprised if Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has more staying power than most people expect. The reason that his continued success wouldn’t be surprising is that Trump’s not building his lead on the far-right; in fact, Trump supporters come from all over the GOP map. Moderate RINO David Brooks takes to the New York Times to lecture Americans for supporting outsider candidates. Specifically, Brooks calls supporting Donald Trump “not sensible.”

Erick Erickson says the decision by the Jeb Bush campaign to enlist his older brother George W. to help him campaign is a BIG mistake.

Tidal Wave! In 2015 more than 700,000 migrants landed on the shores of the European continent.

Iran’s Indecent Proposal.

For all the promises and warnings about the Iran deal, it is nothing more than surrender dressed up as diplomacy. The correlation of forces in the Middle East has shifted in the past year, and Mr. Obama will not lift a finger to restore the balance. Mr. Khamenei knows this, and he is not about to give the U.S. a dignified surrender. Then maybe Mr. Obama knows it, too. He doesn’t seem to mind the ignominy.

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