What We’re Reading October 15, 2015

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Um… Cuba is sending military experts and key forces to Syria to help Vladimir Putin. Seriously.

The real fight over leadership in the House isn’t over who will be the next Speaker but over decentralizing authority and granting more power to the individual members instead of concentrating it with leadership.

At least one thing is working for the GOP. Their efforts to stop Obama from providing illegal immigrants with amnesty will almost surely work because Obama will likely be out of office before the legal wrangling is finished.

Obama lied and my health plan died… TWICE!

The media’s fawning over Hillary Clinton’s debate routine is wildly exaggerating her actual performance.

Jim Webb is everything voters pretend to want in a politician and more… too bad no one really wants what they say they do.

Bernie Sanders won the Democrat debate if you measure winning by looking at which candidate sparked the most interest on the Internet. Of course, he lost if you listened to any of the things he actually said.

By the way, Bernie Sanders has no idea what he’s talking about when he claims we need to be more like Denmark.

Guess Who Said it: “When a Mother has a baby, she should stay home with that baby!”

On immigration the Republican grassroots is right and the GOP establishment is wrong.

That is because in at least one respect, it is the GOP establishment that has embraced radicalism while the Republican Right stands against it. House Republicans are divided on many policy questions, but the most important of them by far is the question of immigration reform…

Broadly speaking, establishment Republicans favor an approach to immigration reform that would, among other things, grant legal status to unauthorized immigrants and increase legal immigration, including that of less-skilled workers. Anti-establishment Republicans oppose this approach. If the rise of Donald Trump proves anything, it is that immigration matters a great deal to Republican voters. 

Democrats are godless heathen tyrant maniacs

Folks, slavery still exists in America and we need to do more to fight against it.

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