What We’re Reading November 9, 2015

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Trending: Scientists Admit “Math Error” Led To Alarming Results In Major Global Warming Study

Democrats across American (and particularly in Washington, D.C.) fought tooth and nail to pass Obamacare, but now they’re doing their very best to avoid actually paying for the disaster that they forced on the rest of us.

Hillary Clinton believes that President Obama deserves an “A” for his handling of the American economy… now we KNOW that she’s either delusional, insane or a liar. (Maybe a bit of all 3?)

Democrats have stopped trying to win elections and referendums… now they’re focusing on using the courts to force us all to do what they want.

Democrats have decided that they will try to win court cases since they cannot win down-ballot offices, thanks to a leftward pitch under Barack Obama. 

It is an attempted power grab that is very similar to President Obama’s use of executive orders.

Marco Rubio’s responses to “gotcha” questions during the CNBC debate were epic and demonstrate that he just may be the most effective communicator in the GOP today.

Why doesn’t America seem to care about the recent terrorist attack on a Russian flight over Egypt?

More media malpractice as the mainstream liberal press does its best (or worst) to take down Marco Rubio and Ben Carson.

Just terrifying. Within the next few years it is a realistic possibility that the Muslim nation of Pakistan might become the world’s third-ranked nuclear power.

Its arsenal is growing faster than any other country’s, and it has become even more lethal in recent years with the addition of small tactical nuclear weapons that can hit India and longer-range nuclear missiles that can reach farther.

These are unsettling truths. The fact that Pakistan is also home to a slew of extremist groups, some of which are backed by a paranoid security establishment obsessed with India, only adds to the dangers it presents for South Asia and, indeed, the entire world.


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