What We’re Reading November 3, 2015

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Trending: Scientists Admit “Math Error” Led To Alarming Results In Major Global Warming Study

Liberal politicians are “shooting the Democrat Party in the foot” by pushing too hard too fast on gun control, even as rising numbers of Americans believe that more gun control is unnecessary.

Bill Gates may know technology, but he is absolutely ignorant when it comes to politics, philosophy and humanity.

Has anyone else been watching the not-so-slow-motion implosion of Obamacare across the nation?

How have things changed under ObamaCare? Wealthy Americans continue to have health insurance, albeit at a higher price. But they can afford it. Many middle-class Americans are paying higher premiums they can hardly afford. And then millions more low-income Americans have heavily subsidized insurance or Medicaid coverage.

However, millions of other Americans who enjoyed good individual insurance before ObamaCare have found themselves forced out of affordable plans, with their new premiums rising rapidly. Other middle- and working-class Americans who were uninsured are still uninsured and paying the penalty or claiming an exemption. That isn’t affordable care. In many cases, it isn’t care at all.

The most recent polling done in the Sunshine State (Florida) shows Donald Trump still holds the lead, though Marco Rubio is gaining. Meanwhile Rubio is also gaining on Trump in the Granite State of New Hampshire too.

Is Syria set to become President Obama’s Vietnam? Another important question we should be considering – is President Obama launching an illegal war in Iraq and Syria?

The main stream media deserves the thrashing they received from the GOP presidential campaigns… in fact, their comeuppance should have come much sooner.

Is REAL tax reform making a comeback? If so, do we have the conservative presidential candidates to thank for that?

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