What We’re Reading November 25, 2015

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The Western world is staring down the threat of a terrifying three-headed monster.

A new report of Kuwait says that Russia has been quietly (and quickly) moving into strategic positions within Syria and will soon be moving forward with “unprecedented military action” as Russian ground troops engage ISIS and the Syrian rebels.

Not only did Turkey shoot down a Russian jet flying over Syria – Turkish forces shot dead the two airmen as they descended by parachute to the ground!

Make no mistake, Republicans do most certainly hold the edge in the 2016 national elections.

Donald Trump is now literally rewriting American History, particularly the section about the Civil War.

The media just can’t stop freaking out about Donald Trump’s position in the GOP primary polls.

So, could Trump win? We confront two stubborn facts: first, that nobody remotely like Trump has won a major-party nomination in the modern era.4And second, as is always a problem in analysis of presidential campaigns, we don’t have all that many data points, so unprecedented events can occur with some regularity. For my money, that adds up to Trump’s chances being higher than 0 but (considerably) less than 20 percent. Your mileage may vary. But you probably shouldn’t rely solely on the polls to make your case; it’s still too soon for that.

Hillary Clinton’s “Denialism” is the opposite extreme from Donald Trump.

The end of an era? According to the most recent Pew poll, white Christians are no longer a majority in the USA.

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