What We’re Reading November 20, 2015

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading, Friday, November 20, 2015.

President Obama is finally showing some real emotion and getting all worked up about everything that is going on around the world. Too bad that of all the people to focus his anger at… he’s chosen to get angry with America.

Even with Obama’s ranting and raving at the GOP and his threats to veto any bill that would put a pause on the importation of Muslim refugees – Congress decided on Thursday to stop the influx of refugees until a proper vetting system could be put into place.

Yes Mr. President, even women and children refugees can pose a real threat to our national security.

Where are our Arab allies in the war against ISIS?

France offers a warning for Americans who think we should allow hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees to resettle here.

So why did the jihadists end up in Saint-Denis? Because it is a notorious Islamic enclave, though you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream American media. The terrorists are in Saint-Denis because they know they have the support — or at least the indulgence — of a large, studiously assimilation-resistant Muslim population.

Will the lack of foreign policy help hurt Donald Trump’s run for the nomination?

Have y’all met the new leader of the free world? His name is Vladimir Putin, and he has simply abused President Obama at nearly every political turn.

The brilliant little conformists at Princeton want to rid their school history of Woodrow Wilson because of … racism!

The tiny pill that is fueling the civil war in Syria is also turning fighters into supersoldiers.

Here’s an idea – instead of the government handling the problems in Syria, why don’t we come up with a “private solution”. Oh look, here’s one!

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