What We’re Reading November 19, 2015

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading, Thursday, November 19, 2015.

Trending: Taqiyya: The Muslim Practice of Lying to Protect Islam Is Prevalent across Sects

A must read: The Fall of Western Snivelization

… because we are a proud, haughty, and conceited people, we will not accept the very old-fashioned possibility of simply being wrong.

That would hurt our feelings, which we all know is now illegal.

Surprise! The Clinton Foundation failed to report more than $20 Million Dollars in donations from FOREIGN Governments! Can you say… corruption?

Our government has declared war on parental moral authority and is now explicitly attacking schools that teach traditional morality.

GOP leaders are calling for a freeze on Muslims migration to the USA, particularly from war torn regions like Syria… but are they really planning to stand up and fight?

Send all of the Syrian refugees to California – apparently the liberals there want them ALL.

President Obama’s most enduring legacy will be that of great cowardice.

One of the greatest rugby players to ever play the game has passed away at age 40. New Zealand legend Jonah Lomu was a fantastic player and a fabulous showman who made rugby popular with people who’d never paid attention to the sport before. He will be missed.

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