What We’re Reading November 13, 2015

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Sweden is closing its borders and instituting some strict travel bans within their country in an effort to deal with the seemingly unending wave of Muslim refugees that is threatening to swamp the nation.

Voters love Donald Trump because he is tackling the REAL issues… like whether or not Hillary Clinton is wearing a wig.

The campus protesters at Mizzou are now forcibly segregating according to race, forcing white protesters out of their “blacks only” meetings.

The Mizzou student who had a professor threaten to get physical with him has filed a police complaint against her alleging simple assault.

The liberal media thinks that Marco Rubio is the Republican to beat.

We should be thankful for Rand Paul’s impressive defense of his foreign policy views.

The Washington Post reminds everyone that Hillary Clinton is an inveterate liar.

Folks, stop complaining about hearing “canned” answers from politicians. Most voters only hear the answers one or two times… so the politicians are forced to memorize and repeat their responses ad nauseam so that voters everywhere will know what they believe.

So deep is the disdain that Scarlett Johansson has for Christians and the Bible that she’s recently completed performing a sketch for a new comedy album where she reads portions of the Scripture in what is being called a “porn voice.” Make no mistake folks, liberal culture hates us and they’ll do anything they can to ridicule and demean us and our beliefs.

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