What We’re Reading May 9, 2016

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Oh, for the love! Conservatives may not be happy with Donald Trump’s nomination, but Mitt Romney is NOT the answer! Please, Mitt, just stop. Even if it’s not Mitt Romney, some conservatives are wondering if there is any chance that a Third-Party candidate could actually be a viable option. Libertarian candidate Austin Petersen believes that he is the best option for conservatives who are frustrated with the GOP.

Speaking of Libertarians, liberals are very upset that Captain America seems to be a libertarian who cares about our civil liberties in the latest Avengers movie!

While Donald Trump is now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, that does not mean that conservatives are starting to grow more comfortable with him. In fact, the last few days have seen them grow evermore nervous. In just the last two days, Mr. Trump has reversed himself on four different campaign promises, including dumping his own tax plan because it would never pass Congress.

Donald Trump’s threat to default on our national debt shouldn’t be such a shock to everyone; it’s just the conventional wisdom.

Life in Obama’s America has been great for foreign workers, but not so great for Americans.

Voters in Austin, Texas prefer liberal regulations to affordable, convenient free market options… so they killed Uber and Lyft.

Postmodernism is destroying America and Western Culture.

In honor of Mother’s Day, please remember that childbearing points to the most important part of who we are.

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