What We’re Reading May 9, 2015

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Trending: Obama Administration Forces to Allow Transgender Bathroom Use

In an odd trend that continues to happen around the world, conservatives have won a BIG (and “surprising”) victory in Great Britain. Is the problem with polling, the liberal media, or some combination of the two?

It seems that Jeb Bush isn’t the only one who isn’t sure if he’s Latino or Caucasian. Spanish language media is embracing the GOP candidate for President as one of their own, dubbing him “the Latino candidate.” This is happening even though there are already two REAL Latino candidates running for President from the GOP (Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio).

Senator Rand Paul is having a difficult time reconciling his libertarian side with his Presidential hopeful side.

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is not bulletproof, and as allegation after allegation continues to pile up, her Presidential hopes could indeed fall apart.

There is a very real war against free speech and sadly, because of liberals, radical Islam is winning.

Pamela Geller continues to have to defend herself from the liberal media for her defense of freedom of speech. Liberals see her as goading radical Islam, but in truth, she is simply pointing out that Islam stifles free speech.

Liberals LOVE anti-religious art – as long as it’s anti-Christian in nature.

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that every police officer should be equipped with a body camera. 88% of American voters support a proposal to make body cameras on police officers a requirement.

Liberals don’t talk about the breakdown of the American family, and asking them to would be counterproductive. Liberals aren’t worried about the destruction of the family… it’s what they’ve been working towards for over 60+ years.

Does this California woman hold the key to curing HIV and AIDS?

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