What We’re Reading May 27, 2015

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Trending: Bus Driver Arranges the Vicious Beating of a White Family

On illegal immigration, everyone can see right through Hillary Clinton’s double-mindedness. “Depending on which audience she is trying to please, she assumes one of two conflicting personas: Restrictionist Hillary or Reform Hillary.”

The Presidential debate system is stacked unfairly against candidates not chosen by the establishment, but there is a way to fix things.
The obvious answer is to divide the field in half, randomly assigning individual hopefuls to one of the two debates. Of course, not everyone will like the group he or she is in, and the makeup of each group would determine the particular dynamic of that debate. After a couple of debates, the hosts of additional debates will have just cause to limit the number of debaters. But doing so in the first couple of debates is inherently unfair and could end up damaging the party’s image.

The brilliant Dennis Prager explains the differences between the Left and the Right.

Carly Fiorina is proving that she is an excellent communicator and a solid candidate for the GOP nomination to the Presidency. Her problem isn’t campaigning… but in the fact that she isn’t actually a conservative.

The proposed 2016 Obamacare rates have been filed in many states across the country, and in most places the price increases are ridiculously high. 51% increase in New Mexico, 36% in Tennessee, 30% in Maryland, 25% in Oregon…

The law of unintended consequences hits economically illiterate liberals… AGAIN.

Liberal economic policies have ruined another nation – Greece is now all but bankrupt.

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