What We’re Reading May 25, 2015

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Trending: Government Forces Churches To Perform Gay Marriage

If the GOP wants to win the White House in 2016, they really must win Florida.

A liberal Huffington Post writer argues for the return of forced segregation, saying that ethnic minorities deserve “safe spaces” where white people can’t harass them.

If environmentalists really want to save the planet, then the best way to accomplish that feat is by turning to the free market.

(Lester Brown is) A pioneering environmentalist who decades ago warned of the “manhandling of nature” and its dire consequences, Brown isn’t looking to government to save the planet. “Government helped get some of these things going (like solar energy and wind farms), but now government is less and less important,” he says. “The important thing is that the market is now driving this.”

The New York Times wonders how an ex-President can be GREAT at being retired.

Some are beginning to wonder, “If Hillary can’t get the job done… why don’t we ask Joe Biden to do it?” Conservatives are not worried.

There are no more liberals willing to stand for free speech and free thought who are also willing to risk it all by defying the liberal establishment.

The tolerant jeweler who wasn’t tolerant enough for the intolerant gay lobby.


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