What We’re Reading May 2, 2015

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Trending: Obama Forgot He is No Longer President, Shows Up at G20 Summit

Liberals are in such a rush to excuse the violence and mayhem in Baltimore that they completely miss the point of the entire debacle. There are many more problems festering in Baltimore than ‘just’ an overly aggressive (perhaps even brutal) police force.

President Obama’s response to the Baltimore unrest was absolutely terrible.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has jumped into the 2016 Presidential race as a Democrat – but there are many reasons to believe that he’s not seriously considering a challenge against Hillary Clinton. One reason that Sanders should be worried is that Clinton has already starting shifting to the left in preparation for a nomination fight.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that the people trying to defend Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance are all doing a terrible job of it?

It’s Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) vs. Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) on the immigration debate. And the National Review argues that this debate is the one we should really be having.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush (R-FL) is still way off base on immigration (literally). Except he is now hedging a bit, only willing to say that he “thinks” he’s right about amnesty and immigration… and his response to conservative ideas on immigration are all positive… so is Jeb pulling back to the right on immigration?

“Maybe I’m stubborn,” Bush said. “I’m willing to listen to other views on this, and I hope we’ll have a dialogue about this. But I think I’m right about this.”

Surprise, surprise! The faculty at Harvard overwhelmingly supports the Democrat Party with their money. Now the question is, how much of that bias leaks over to how the professors in the University are teaching their students?

Police officers in the Capitol leave their firearms in the darnedest places!

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