What We’re Reading March 24, 2016

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In a roundup of Tuesday night’s primary, Donald Trump and [score]Ted Cruz[/score] split the night, with Trump winning all of the delegates from Arizona and Cruz winning all of the delegates from Utah. On the Democrat side, “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] easily won Idaho and Utah while Hillary Clinton took Arizona.

I bet you didn’t know – but the Belgian terrorists could still enter the USA today, without a Visa.

“It’s the case that if those folks are citizens of Belgium they qualify for the visa waiver program and can hop on a plane and get here,” Congressman [score]Ron DeSantis[/score] added. “Clearly, that is not adequate given what happened.”

The Obama administration “even takes the position it’s safer to allow someone to come in on a visa waiver than make them get one, it’s kind of crazy,” DeSantis said. You’re not going to be able to have intelligence on everyone there because there are so many potential recruits. It’s a clear vulnerability.”

Former British Prime Minister and liberal Labour Party leader, Tony Blair, blames “flabby liberalism” for the increasing danger that Muslim terrorism poses to the world.

Opposing political candidates is a time-honored tradition, but the level of nastiness to which the anti-Trump campaign has risen, is nothing short of appalling.

As President Obama enjoyed some fun in the sun down in Havana, American news sources began reporting that Cuban refugees were flooding the Texas border in record numbers.

Ted Cruz is out-raising everyone in the race, as Kasich’s money dries up and Donald Trump begins “lending” money to his campaign. (Yes, Trump’s campaign will be forced to pay Trump back.)

Whoa. Fox & Friends spent Wednesday morning smearing Ted Cruz and then letting Donald Trump Jr. smear him some more.

Donald Trump went after Ted Cruz’s wife, which was weird.

This had to hurt.

There is a huge difference between socialist Finland and Bernie’s socialist vision for America.

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