What We’re Reading March 23, 2015

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Popular liberal mouthpiece Alan Dershowitz attacks the liberal notion that President Obama is our Commander-in-Chief when it comes to foreign policy. He’s not. Dershowitz takes both Obama and Hillary Clinton to task for acting as if the President has any more power to negotiate international agreements than Congress does.

But the president is not the Commander-in-Chief for purposes of diplomatic negotiations. This characterization mistakenly implies that President Obama — or any president — is our Commander, and that his decisions should receive special deference. This is a misreading of our constitution, which creates a presidency that is subject to the checks and balances of co-equal branches of the government. 


Is ISIS the Fourth Reich? The Nobel Prize-winning author V.S. Naipaul has warned that Islamic State are the most potent threat to the world since the Nazis.

Republicans have a real shot to do some big things in 2016, but to do that they may have to do something they normally don’t like to do… attack corporate cronyism!

Jeb Bush had a relatively good week, even though his poll numbers among Republicans remain in the tank. But the establishment pick still isn’t a shoe-in, because the conservatives have too many good candidates fighting for the same nomination.

The clamor among liberals continues to grow as they desperately seek another option, any other option, to vote for. The effort being expelled by liberals to find another candidate must be hurting Hillary Clinton’s feelings, no?

Dear Starbucks: Can we PLEASE not talk about race when I wander in to get my morning java? I’m barely awake and the last thing I want is human interaction… let alone about as touchy a subject as race relations in America.

How John Hughes made Conservatism Funny – a tribute to John Hughes on the 30th Anniversary of The Breakfast Club.

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