What We’re Reading March 22, 2016

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The GOP establishment is preparing to bow before the idol of Donald Trump. Literally.

Um. What? Pope Francis says rejecting refugees is just like crucifying Jesus! Can you say, sacrilege? Meanwhile, Germany’s kind treatment of the refugees has led to overflowing prisons and a collapsing society.

This week the Little Sisters of the Poor case against the Obama Administration and Obamcare will finally be argued before the Supreme Court. The case is monumental and its implications are enormous; our religious liberty is at risk. The death of Justice Scalia could not have come at a worse time, legally or constitutionally.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters are now showing up at Donald Trump rallies pretending to be Nazis in an effort to smear the GOP frontrunner.

Liberals have long hailed Cuba as a paradise of socialist healthcare – the truth is far different.

68% of Brazilians believe that their socialist President should be impeached because of rampant government corruption that is part and parcel of a socialist government.

Great Britain’s politicians are getting tired of President Obama’s meddling.

This current primary season is providing all the evidence we need to end the misguided practice of “early voting.”

Folks, we’ve just learned that the Obama administration has been “rigging” the economic data for years. New analysis shows that the Federal Reserve has shifted 93% of the stock market since 2008, creating the perception of economic activity without any of the benefit of real growth. Another indicator of our desperate economic outlook is that retail stores continue to struggle and more stores will close this year than did last year.

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