What We’re Reading March 18, 2015

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Trending: No, Hillary Did Not Win the Popular Vote…And Yes, the Electoral College Did Protect America from Corruption at the Ballot Box

We can debate whether or not the weak Democrat field for President is a good thing or a bad thing for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential aspirations, but what is not debatable is the way that not having a primary opponent will not afford Clinton the opportunity to sharpen her tools.

While in power, the Democrat Party (or, more precisely, team Obama) has hollowed out the party and weakened their roster of potential candidates by focusing solely on Obama’s needs.

Following the unveiling of the latest Clinton scandal, the Clinton family defense team flew into action, reminding the world about the “vast right-wing agenda” and the ever present persecution of the Clinton family. The truth the scandal and the Clinton’s defensiveness reveals is that the Clintons are as self absorbed and shady as they’ve always been.

It’s not just in Europe and the Muslim World that President Obama’s foreign policy is failing. New light is shining on his work in the far East, and things are not looking much better. In fact, Obama’s Asia policy is floundering.

Curt Levey at the Wall Street Journal has some very good advice for Republicans in dealing with President Obama’s intransigence on illegal immigration reform… Don’t Confirm his Judges!

A former gay marriage advocate writes a heartfelt letter to the gay community and tells them that their kids are hurting.

Why would American college students vote to remove the American flag from their common area?

A naked man standing in the doorway of his home is terrorizing his neighborhood!

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