What We’re Reading March 16, 2015

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Trending: Saul Alinsky Dedicated His Book ‘Rules for Radicals’ to LUCIFER

The latest Clinton scandal has all the making of a bad (very bad) ensemble cast movie where the ancient and already retired conmen come back for one more gig… so says the indomitable Jeffrey Goldberg. If you want to know what Hillary Clinton would be like as president, you’re seeing it right now.

The blatant hypocrisy of the modern liberal is downright Orwellian. Giuliani can’t say that Obama doesn’t love America, but liberal Democrats and media members can call 47 Senators, “Traitors”? It’s complete BS.

The Egyptian President, Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, who talks to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘a lot,’ says his country is faltering and is in danger of collapsing.

What will become of Russia and our relationship with her once Vladimir Putin is gone?

Senate Republicans are preparing to bring their first budget in almost ten years to the floor this week and there is much speculation about what will or will not be included in the plan. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been the GOP budget brain for quite a few years now, and while many conservatives don’t believe his budget proposals to be “conservative enough,” it seems that the Senate GOP will be going even LESS conservative with their soon to be revealed budget. For conservatives this is nothing new… the RINO caucus is winning.

One of the first driverless cars is about to make an epic 3500 mile journey across America!

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